Gabriele Lucius-Hoene

List of John Benjamins publications for which Gabriele Lucius-Hoene plays a role.


Lucius-Hoene, Gabriele, Sandra Adami and Janka Koschack 2015 Narratives that matter. Illness stories in the ‘third space’ of qualitative interviewingNarrative Matters in Medical Contexts across Disciplines, Gygax, Franziska and Miriam A. Locher (eds.), pp. 99–116 | Article
In the process of narrative interviewing in the medical field, intense relationships between interviewer and interviewee can develop and participants are often willing to reflect in a committed and multi-faceted manner about their illness experiences and their biographical meaning. Based on… read more
Lucius-Hoene, Gabriele 2013 Chapter 4. Constructing perspectives as positioning resources in stories of the selfRethinking Narrative Identity: Persona and Perspective, Holler, Claudia and Martin Klepper (eds.), pp. 85–101 | Article
Perspectivation – verbal practices to represent perspectives – can be used in personal storytelling to negotiate moral claims which are crucial to the teller’s self. The perspectives of different interactants in the story-world can show up in complicated fusions or as contested battlefields,… read more
Lucius-Hoene, Gabriele and Arnulf Deppermann 2000 Narrative Identity Empiricized: A Dialogical and Positioning Approach to Autobiographical Research InterviewsNarrative Identity, Bamberg, Michael and Allyssa McCabe, pp. 199–222 | Article
Narrative identity has achieved a scientific status as an elaborate concept of the storied nature of human experience and personal identity. Yet, many questions remain as to its empirical substrate. By exploring the pragmatic aspect of narrative research interviewing, i.e., the performative and… read more