Marco García García

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marco García García plays a role.


Focus Realization in Romance and Beyond

Edited by Marco García García and Melanie Uth

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 201] 2018. viii, 391 pp.
Subjects Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Transitivity: Form, Meaning, Acquisition, and Processing

Edited by Patrick Brandt and Marco García García

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 166] 2010. vii, 308 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


García García, Marco 2018 Chapter 8. NP exclamatives and focusFocus Realization in Romance and Beyond, García García, Marco and Melanie Uth (eds.), pp. 229–252 | Chapter
This paper makes a contribution to the study of Spanish noun phrase (NP) exclamatives, such as ¡Las tonterías que dicen! ‘The silly things they say!’. The main purpose is to explore the relation between NP exclamatives and the notion of focus. I compare NP exclamatives with canonical focus-marking… read more
Uth, Melanie and Marco García García 2018 Chapter 1. Introduction: Core issues of focus realization in RomanceFocus Realization in Romance and Beyond, García García, Marco and Melanie Uth (eds.), pp. 1–30 | Chapter
Despite numerous theoretical approaches and empirical analyses, it is not entirely clear how different focus types and constructions are realized and interpreted in individual Romance languages. Due to the complexity of this linguistic area, an interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic approach seems… read more
Brandt, Patrick and Marco García García 2010 Trans-ductionTransitivity: Form, Meaning, Acquisition, and Processing, Brandt, Patrick and Marco García García (eds.), pp. 1–12 | Article