Jean-Pierre Chevrot

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Sociolinguistic Variation and Language Acquisition across the Lifespan

Edited by Anna Ghimenton, Aurélie Nardy and Jean-Pierre Chevrot

[Studies in Language Variation, 26] 2021. vi, 319 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Language acquisition | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This chapter deals with the acquisition of two sociolinguistic variables of twenty-nine American and Chinese learners of French. The purpose is to track the production and evaluation of the optional liaison and the variable deletion of negative ne during a 9-month stay abroad (SA) and to take a… read more
Ghimenton, Anna, Aurélie Nardy and Jean-Pierre Chevrot 2021 Introduction: Bridging contexts to document sociolinguistic variation in acquisitionSociolinguistic Variation and Language Acquisition across the Lifespan, Ghimenton, Anna, Aurélie Nardy and Jean-Pierre Chevrot (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Chapter
In the study of liaison acquisition, a key line of inquiry has focused on potential differences and similarities between L1 and L2 French speakers. However, such a comparison encounters a number of difficulties such as matching learners in terms of language exposure, age, and learning abilities.… read more
De Vogelaer, Gunther, Jean-Pierre Chevrot, Matthias Katerbow and Aurélie Nardy 2017 Chapter 1. Bridging the gap between language acquisition and sociolinguistics: Introduction to an interdisciplinary topicAcquiring Sociolinguistic Variation, De Vogelaer, Gunther and Matthias Katerbow (eds.), pp. 1–41 | Chapter
Despite repeated calls for in-depth research, the acquisition of patterns of sociolinguistic variation has long been an underinvestigated topic both in sociolinguistics and in language acquisition research. With the exception of a few exploratory studies, most notably Labov (1964), it has long been… read more