Marc Dominicy

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Linguistic Approaches to Poetry

Edited by Christine Michaux and Marc Dominicy

[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 15] 2001. viii, 228 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Phonology | Pragmatics | Theoretical literature & literary studies

Sound Change

Edited by Marc Dominicy and Didier Demolin

[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 9] 1994. 158 pp.
Subjects Phonetics | Phonology

Phonological Reconstruction

Edited by Marc Dominicy and Juliette Dror

[Belgian Journal of Linguistics, 3] 1988. 183 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Phonetics | Phonology


Dominicy, Marc 2019  La servante au grand cœur… (poème C des Fleurs du Mal )Revue Romane 54:2, pp. 315–334 | Article
A linguistic and genetic study of La servante au grand cœur… (in Les Fleurs du Mal) shows that Baudelaire endeavoured to attribute a complex network of emotive and/or hallucinatory mental states to the poetic self by resorting to a rich inventory of formal and expressive devices: syntax and its… read more
Dominicy, Marc and Mihai Nasta 2009 Towards a universal definition of the caesuraTowards a Typology of Poetic Forms: From language to metrics and beyond, Aroui, Jean-Louis and Andy Arleo (eds.), pp. 247–266 | Article
In modern verse, the caesura can be roughly defined as the first word-boundary that follows the nucleus of a non-final break syllable; it is synthetical if, and only if, it is associated with the break syllable, otherwise it is analytical. This approach runs into difficulties when applied to the… read more
Dominicy, Marc and Nathalie Franken 2002 Chapter 13. Speech Acts and Relevance TheoryEssays in Speech Act Theory, Vanderveken, Daniel and Susumu Kubo (eds.), pp. 263–283 | Chapter
Michaux, Christine and Marc Dominicy 2001 IntroductionLinguistic Approaches to Poetry, Michaux, Christine and Marc Dominicy (eds.), pp. v–viii | Miscellaneous
Dominicy, Marc and Didier Demolin 1994 IntroductionSound Change, Dominicy, Marc and Didier Demolin (eds.), p.  | Miscellaneous
Dominicy, Marc and Juliette Dor 1988 IntroductionPhonological Reconstruction, Dominicy, Marc and Juliette Dror (eds.), pp. 7–8 | Miscellaneous