Colette Laplace

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Désir de traduire et légitimité du traducteur / New Drivers of Translation - a Challenge for Professional Translators

Guest-edited by Nicolas Froeliger and Colette Laplace

Special issue of FORUM 10:1 (2012) v, 306 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Abstract/Résumé Two conference interpreters, two translators specialising in CAT and two specialists in subtitling discuss whether their work is in any way emotionally driven and more generally what factors they feel establish their legitimacy as professionals. They go on to describe the impact,… read more
Abstract/Résumé This paper is a short introduction to the seminar on “The translation of proper names in travel literature” organised by ESIT’s TS research group (CR-Trad Syled). While our first aim was to give linguists and translators an opportunity to exchange views on the challenges of… read more
Abstract/Résumé This paper was first presented at a seminar on “The translation of proper names in travel literature”. On the basis of a case study of the translation of well-known anthroponyms and toponyms in Walter Hasenclever’s “Exilliteratur” novel “Die Rechtlosen”, we show that proper names… read more