Andrei A. Avram

List of John Benjamins publications for which Andrei A. Avram plays a role.


Avram, Andrei A. 2018 On the relationship between Arabic Foreigner Talk and Pidgin ArabicArabic in Contact, Manfredi, Stefano and Mauro Tosco (eds.), pp. 251–274 | Chapter
The paper compares morphosyntactic and lexical features of the Arabic Foreigner Talk register to those of four Arabic-lexifier pidgins, Pidgin Madame, Jordanian Pidgin Arabic, Romanian Pidgin Arabic, and Gulf Pidgin Arabic. The comparative overview identifies a relatively significant number of… read more
This paper analyzes the attestations in Antiguan of the diagnostic features of English-lexifier contact languages, as proposed by Baker and Huber (2001). It compares the distribution of these features in Antiguan and the seven Atlantic English-lexifier Pidgins and Creoles considered by Baker and… read more
Drawing on both historical and contemporary data, this paper presents the attestations in Vincentian of the diagnostic features of English-lexified contact languages proposed by Baker & Huber (2001). This is followed by a comparison of the distribution of these features in Vincentian and in the… read more
Heeren, Willemijn, Andrei A. Avram, Anna Cardinaletti, Martine Coene and Francesca Volpato 2012 Can speech pitch perception be measured language-independently?Linguistics in the Netherlands 2012, Elenbaas, Marion and Suzanne Aalberse (eds.), pp. 55–67 | Article
Recently, a test battery was developed with the goal of assessing perception of F0 in linguistic, but language-independent, contexts by listeners from different language backgrounds. Test validation using Dutch, Italian and Romanian listeners generally showed comparable performance. In this study… read more
This paper addresses the issue of the distribution in English-based pidgins and creoles of a number of selected diagnostic features. A large corpus of 17 Atlantic and eight Pacific varieties is surveyed in search of attestations. Examples are listed to illustrate the occurrence of features in the… read more