Ruth King

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ruth King plays a role.


Subjects Historical linguistics | Romance linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Comeau, Philip, Ruth King and Carmen L. LeBlanc 2022 Continuity and change in the evolution of French yes-no questions: A cross-variety perspectiveDiachronica 39:5, pp. 616–657 | Article
This present study contributes to research on the structure of yes-no questions in French. Informed by previous historical linguistic research tracing developments from the Old French period onwards, we focus on qualitative analysis of grammatical commentary and variationist analysis of Acadian… read more
I argue that there is little evidence that chiac, an often stigmatized variety of Acadian French spoken in the urban area of Moncton, New Brunswick, differs dramatically from a number of lesser known Acadian varieties in terms of the effects of language contact; and that the degree of English… read more
King, Ruth 2005 Morphosyntactic variation and theory: Subject-verb agreement in Acadian FrenchSyntax and Variation: Reconciling the Biological and the Social, Cornips, Leonie and Karen P. Corrigan (eds.), pp. 199–229 | Article