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Subjects Signed languages | Theoretical linguistics

Dimensions of gesture

Edited by Adam Kendon † and Tommaso Russo Cardona

Special issue of Gesture 8:1 (2008) 153 pp.
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Gesture Studies | Signed languages


Kendon, Adam † 2019 Gesture and anthropology: Notes for an historical essayAnthropology of Gesture, Brookes, Heather and Olivier Le Guen (eds.), pp. 142–172 | Article
This essay is a (necessarily selective) historical review of some contributions to the study of gesture (in all its varieties) from an anthropological perspective. Reasons for an interest in gesture by the authors considered are varied. Some are interested because it seems a simpler form of… read more
In the eighteenth century and before, gesture was considered from the point of view of how it should be used in oratory, as a part of the art of engaging in persuasive discourse. This contrasts with the interest pursued in modern gesture studies where, for the most part, the hand movements that… read more
Graziano, Maria, Adam Kendon † and Carla Cristilli 2011 Chapter 7. ‘Parallel gesturing’ in adult-child conversationsIntegrating Gestures: The interdisciplinary nature of gesture, Stam, Gale and Mika Ishino (eds.), pp. 89–102 | Chapter
Sometimes a speaker repeats an interlocutor’s gesture, at least partially. Such ‘parallel gesturing’ illustrates how gestures can enter into the conversational exchange along with speech. Here we describe examples observed in adult-child conversations (children between 3 and 9 years). Four contexts… read more
Kendon, Adam † 2009 Language’s matrixGesture 9:3, pp. 355–372 | Article
In recent discussions there has been a tendency to refer to ‘gesture’ and ‘sign’ as if these are distinct categories, sometimes even as if they are in opposition to one another. Here I trace the historical origins of this distinction. I suggest that it is a product of the application to the… read more
Kendon, Adam † 2007 2 On the Origins of Modern Gesture StudiesGesture and the Dynamic Dimension of Language: Essays in honor of David McNeill, Duncan, Susan D., Justine Cassell and Elena T. Levy (eds.), pp. 13–28 | Chapter
Kendon, Adam † 2002 Some uses of the head shakeGesture 2:2, pp. 147–182 | Article
A context-of-use study is reported of the ‘head shake’. A large number of examples are described and compared, drawn from video recordings of naturally occasioned interactions in the circumstances of everyday life, made in Campania, Italy, central England and the Eastern United States. Eight… read more
Kendon, Adam † and Cornelia Müller 2001 Introducing GESTUREGesture 1:1, pp. 1–7 | Miscellaneous