Lynne Flowerdew

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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semantics


Flowerdew, Lynne 2015 Data-driven learning and language learning theories: Whither the twain shall meetMultiple Affordances of Language Corpora for Data-driven Learning, Leńko-Szymańska, Agnieszka and Alex Boulton (eds.), pp. 15–36 | Article
This chapter discusses various language learning theories underpinning data-driven learning, namely the noticing hypothesis, constructivist learning and Vygotskyan sociocultural theories. A variety of pedagogic initiatives are used to illustrate the relationship between data-driven learning and… read more
This article reviews and discusses four somewhat contentious issues in the application of corpus linguistics to pedagogy, ESP in particular. Corpus linguistic techniques have been criticized on the grounds that they encourage a more bottom-up rather than top-down processing of text in which… read more
Flowerdew, Lynne 2008 6. Determining discourse-based moves in professional reportsCorpora and Discourse: The challenges of different settings, Ädel, Annelie and Randi Reppen (eds.), pp. 117–131 | Article
This chapter reports on a study which combines corpus-based and genrebased approaches to the analysis of a 225,000-word corpus of 60 environmental recommendation-based reports. I first describe the discourse-based coding system, which draws on the concept of genre move structure analysis,… read more
Flowerdew, Lynne 2004 The problem-solution pattern in apprentice vs. professional technical writing: an application of appraisal theoryCorpora and Language Learners, Aston, Guy, Silvia Bernardini and Dominic Stewart (eds.), pp. 125–135 | Article
Flowerdew, Lynne 2001 13. The exploitation of small learner corpora in EAP materials designSmall Corpus Studies and ELT: Theory and practice, Ghadessy, Mohsen, Alex Henry and Robert L. Roseberry (eds.), pp. 363 ff. | Article