Min-Hsiu Liao

List of John Benjamins publications for which Min-Hsiu Liao plays a role.


Lee, Zi-ying and Min-Hsiu Liao 2018  The “Second” Bride : The retranslation of romance novelsBabel 64:2, pp. 186–204 | Article
This article contributes to the discussion of retranslation in Translation Studies through a case study on the retranslation of romance novels in Taiwan. Although retranslation has received some attention from translation researchers, most of the existing studies are based on examples of classic… read more
Liao, Min-Hsiu 2016 Translating time and space in the memorial museumCulture and Society, pp. 181–199 | Article
Translation has long been conceptualized in metaphors of space, whereas its temporal aspect is relatively underexplored. However, recently scholars have argued that translation does not only carry across but also carries forward, i.e., texts survive through time. The aim of this study is to examine… read more
Liao, Min-Hsiu 2013 Popularization and translationHandbook of Translation Studies: Volume 4, Gambier, Yves and Luc van Doorslaer (eds.), pp. 130–133 | Article