Susan Šarčević

List of John Benjamins publications for which Susan Šarčević plays a role.


Šarčević, Susan 2009 Mattila, Heikki E.S. 2006. Comparative Legal LinguisticsTarget 21:1, pp. 150–156 | Review
Šarčević, Susan 2000 Creativity in legal translation: How much is too much?Translation in Context: Selected papers from the EST Congress, Granada 1998, Chesterman, Andrew, Natividad Gallardo San Salvador and Yves Gambier (eds.), pp. 281 ff. | Article
Šarčević, Susan 1994 Translation and the law: An interdisciplinary approachTranslation Studies: An Interdiscipline: Selected papers from the Translation Studies Congress, Vienna, 1992, Snell-Hornby, Mary, Franz Pöchhacker and Klaus Kaindl (eds.), pp. 301 ff. | Article
Legal translation from languages of limited diffusion: translation strategy Translation studies generally fail to regard the SL as one of the main factors determining translation strategy. This also applies to studies of legal translation, the subject-matter of this paper. Analyzing the procedures… read more
Šarčević, Susan 1989 Lexicography and translation across culturesTranslation and Lexicography: Papers read at the Euralex Colloquium held at Innsbruck 2–5 July 1987, Snell-Hornby, Mary and Esther Pöhl (eds.), pp. 211 ff. | Article