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A Life with Poetry: The development of poetic literacy

Joan Peskin and David I. Hanauer

[Linguistic Approaches to Literature, 41] 2023. x, 194 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Theoretical linguistics | Theoretical literature & literary studies | Writing and literacy
Subjects Applied linguistics | Writing and literacy
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Writing and literacy


Hanauer, David I. 2018 Intermediate states of literariness: Poetic lining, sociological positioning, and the activation of literarinessEmpirical Studies of Literariness, Salgaro, Massimo and Paul Sopčák (eds.), pp. 114–134 | Article
This study utilizes texts which sit between the literary and non-literary to explore the outcomes and mechanisms of literariness. Literariness can be activated by (a) linguistic foregrounding and (b) paratextual specification. In a 2 × 2 design, manipulated versions of two soldier narratives were… read more
Sopčák, Paul, Massimo Salgaro and David I. Hanauer 2018 Introduction to the special issueEmpirical Studies of Literariness, Salgaro, Massimo and Paul Sopčák (eds.), pp. 1–5 | Introduction
Hanauer, David I. 2016 General Editor’s IntroductionTransdisciplinary Approaches to Literature and Empathy, Sopčák, Paul, Massimo Salgaro and J. Berenike Herrmann (eds.), p.  | Article
Hanauer, David I. and Fang-Yu Liao 2016 Chapter 11. ESL students’ perceptions of creative and academic writingScientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments, Burke, Michael, Olivia Fialho and Sonia Zyngier (eds.), pp. 213–226 | Article
This chapter provides a small scale, qualitative study of ESL students’ perceptions of positive and negative creative and academic writing experiences. Previous research has suggested that creative writing provides a more positive experience than academic writing and involves a different set of… read more
Hanauer, David I. 2015 EditorialScientific Study of Literature 5:1, pp. 1–2 | Article
The process of reading and writing poetry is increasingly conducted by non-professionals. The current study utilized a series of regression models to explore the mechanism through which beauty judgements of non-professional poetry are made. The analysis addressed the relationships among the… read more
There is increasing pressure for STEM education to reform in the direction of student-centered learning approaches, active learning, interdisciplinarity, and data-driven evaluations and assessments of student learning. These requirements derive from the need for STEM education to facilitate… read more
This chapter presents a very personal view of a pedagogical approach to the second language writing classroom. This approach places human expression at its center, sees L2 writing pedagogy as involving the extension of expressive abilities, utilizes the genre of poetry and values the aesthetic… read more
Hanauer, David I. 2014 Questioning assumptions in literary readingScientific Study of Literature 4:2, pp. 123–124 | Article
Hanauer, David I. 2014 Interdisciplinary and innovationScientific Study of Literature 4:1, pp. 1–2 | Article
This chapter reports on a qualitative analysis of student laboratory notebooks in a professional microbiology laboratory. The study explored the genre characteristics of laboratory notebooks and organized these characteristics according to social functions, models of notebook completion, and types… read more
This chapter describes the impetus for this collection of papers and provides an overview of the ways in which applied linguistics and literacies can be integrated with the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We first explore the value of applied linguistics and… read more
Hanauer, David I., Don Kuiken and Frank Hakemulder 2013 The scope of SSOL: A discussion of the boundaries of science and literatureAesthetic Engagement During Moments of Suffering, Kuiken, Don and Mary Beth Oliver (eds.), pp. 169–174 | Article
This aim of this brief paper is to promote the scientific study of creative writing and make it an integral part of the research agenda of the scientific study of literature. This paper focuses on the genre of poetry and is organized around three basic questions: (1) What do we currently know about… read more
The article analyses the discursive function of graffiti on the separation wall in the contested space of Abu Dis on the boundary between Jerusalem and the Occupied Territories. This study explores the role of graffiti as micro-level, political discourse designed to influence national and… read more