Andrew D. Cohen

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Cohen, Andrew D., Stephanie W.P. Knight and Julie M. Sykes 2023 Chapter 2. Teachers gaining awareness of L2 pragmatics by means of an asynchronous professional development moduleL2 Pragmatics in Action: Teachers, learners and the teaching-learning interaction process, Martínez-Flor, Alicia, Ariadna Sánchez-Hernández and Júlia Barón (eds.), pp. 31–61 | Chapter
While teacher education is a crucial element to ensuring that second language (L2) pragmatics gains traction in classrooms and curricula, it would appear that teacher development programs provide only modest focus in this area. This chapter reports on findings from a preliminary case study in… read more
Cohen, Andrew D. 2013 Commentary on Technology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and TeachingTechnology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and Teaching, Taguchi, Naoko and Julie M. Sykes (eds.), pp. 261–269 | Article
Cohen, Andrew D. and Julie M. Sykes 2013 Strategy-based learning of pragmatics for intercultural educationLinguistics for Intercultural Education, Dervin, Fred and Anthony J. Liddicoat (eds.), pp. 87–111 | Article
This chapter deals with an area that has come into its own in research on second language (L2) learning, namely, that of language learner strategies, and, in this specific case, the application of strategies to the learning and performance of L2 pragmatics. Consistent with the theme of this… read more
The chapter considers options for conducting research in intercultural pragmatics, and focuses on doctor-patient interactions in the US Southwest in which intercultural pragmatics is involved as a vehicle for highlighting the number of variables that can lead to pragmatic variation in the research… read more
Cohen, Andrew D. and Kirk C. Allison 2001 Bilingual processing strategies in the social context of an undergraduate immersion programNew Perspectives and Issues in Educational Language Policy: In honour of Bernard Dov Spolsky, Cooper, Robert L., Elana Shohamy and Joel Walters (eds.), pp. 35–60 | Article
While university-level language immersion programs have been in existence for some years, research on the bilingual processing strategies of students participating in such programs is scant. This chapter reports on two aspects of a four-course college-level immersion program: (1) the participants’… read more
Cohen, Andrew D. and Elite Olshtain 1985 Comparing Apologies Across LanguagesScientific and Humanistic Dimensions of Language: Festschrift for Robert Lado, Jankowsky, Kurt R. (ed.), pp. 175 ff. | Article