Johanna Stahnke

List of John Benjamins publications for which Johanna Stahnke plays a role.


The present study investigates the interaction of gender with (declension) class in the acquisition data of one bilingual child (from two to five years old) who develops Italian as a weak language in combination with German in Germany. As reported in the literature, the Italian child acquires… read more
The present contribution analyzes the acquisition of subjects in French based on a longitudinal case study of a trilingual child aged 2;8–3;2 who acquired French, Italian and Spanish simultaneously. The three languages vary with respect to the null-subject property; French is traditionally… read more
Gabriel, Christoph, Johanna Stahnke and Jeanette Thulke 2015 Assessing foreign language speech rhythm in multilingual learners: An interdisciplinary approachTransfer Effects in Multilingual Language Development, Peukert, Hagen (ed.), pp. 191–220 | Article
The present study investigates the rhythmic properties of the non-native speech produced by multilingual learners with Mandarin Chinese as a heritage language who acquire French and English as foreign languages in the German school context. Data collected from monolingual German and monolingual… read more