Julie Coleman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Julie Coleman plays a role.


Subjects English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Lexicography | Semantics


Coleman, Julie 2011 Online dictionaries of English slangWords in Dictionaries and History: Essays in honour of R.W. McConchie, Timofeeva, Olga and Tanja Säily (eds.), pp. 109–128 | Article
This paper presents a range of online dictionaries of English slang, and considers their search facilities, coverage and reliability, as well as practical factors involved in setting up and maintaining these resources. A selection of slang terms from Britain and the United States is used to explore… read more
This paper is a re-examination of Howard N. Rose’s Thesaurus of Slang (1934): of its purpose, structure, contents, reliability, and sources. Contemporary reviewers were largely unimpressed, and their criticisms are also considered. Despite its undoubtedly poor quality, Rose’s work provides some… read more
Coleman, Julie 2004 Cant and slang dictionaries: A statistical approachNew Perspectives on English Historical Linguistics: Selected papers from 12 ICEHL, Glasgow, 21–26 August 2002, Kay, Christian, Carole Hough and Irené Wotherspoon (eds.), pp. 41–47 | Article