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Emotion words in the monolingual and bilingual lexicon

Edited by Jeanette Altarriba, Aneta Pavlenko and Norman Segalowitz

Special issue of The Mental Lexicon 3:1 (2008) 156 pp.
Subjects Computational & corpus linguistics | Multilingualism | Neurolinguistics | Psycholinguistics | Semantics


Research focused on the cognitive processes surrounding bilingual language representation has revealed the important role that translation ambiguity plays in how languages are stored in memory (Tokowicz & Kroll, 2007). In addition, translation of emotionally related information has been shown to be… read more | Article
Two experiments explored the relative benefits of learning vocabulary in a second language by varying the learning formats both within and between participants. English monolingual speakers were taught vocabulary words in Spanish by pairing those words with their English translations,… read more | Article
Altarriba, Jeanette and Dana M. Basnight-Brown 2009 1. Empirical approaches to the study of code-switching in sentential contextsMultidisciplinary Approaches to Code Switching, Isurin, Ludmila, Donald Winford and Kees de Bot (eds.), pp. 3–25
Sutton, Tina M. and Jeanette Altarriba 2008 Emotion words in the mental lexicon: A new look at the emotional Stroop effectEmotion words in the monolingual and bilingual lexicon, Altarriba, Jeanette, Aneta Pavlenko and Norman Segalowitz (eds.), pp. 29–46
The representation of emotion words in memory is a relatively new area of research within the cognitive domain. In the present paper, these words will be examined with the use of the Stroop paradigm. In the past, this paradigm has been used to investigate a wide variety of word types, including… read more | Article