Chen Gafni

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chen Gafni plays a role.


Subjects Cognition and language | Phonetics | Phonology | Semiotics | Theoretical linguistics | Theoretical literature & literary studies


Gafni, Chen and Reuven Tsur † 2019 Some experimental evidence for sound–emotion interactionScientific Study of Literature 9:1, pp. 53–71 | Article
This paper describes a structural account of phonetic symbolism and submits it to empirical investigation. To enable testing for possible iconic sound–emotion relations, participants compared pairs of syllables (e.g., ma – ba) as well as pairs of emotional states (e.g., joyful – sad) on various… read more
Gafni, Chen, Maya Yablonski and Michal Ben-Shachar 2019 Morphological sensitivity generalizes across modalitiesThe Mental Lexicon 14:1, pp. 37–67 | Article
A growing body of psycholinguistic research suggests that visual and auditory word recognition involve morphological decomposition: Individual morphemes are extracted and lexically accessed when participants are presented with multi-morphemic stimuli. This view is supported by the Morpheme… read more
Tsur, Reuven † and Chen Gafni 2019 Methodological issues in the study of phonetic symbolismScientific Study of Literature 9:2, pp. 195–229 | Article
There is a growing research literature on phonetic symbolism in poetry, sometimes with incongruent results. Through a theoretical structural analysis we show that, (a) individual speech sounds have (sometimes conflicting) potentials to suggest elementary percepts, such as abruptness, hardness,… read more
In the performance of poetry, some performers occasionally use a certain ‘softened’ voice quality, deviating from that of the context, for emotive expression. We explored how listeners perceive such instances through a combined methodology of eliciting open-ended descriptions and ratings of… read more