Judy Kupersmitt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Judy Kupersmitt plays a role.


The chapter examines how temporal relations are expressed in narratives written by deaf compared with hearing Hebrew-speaking adolescents. Written texts of deaf students manifest distinct characteristics, attributable to the different circumstances of acquisition of spoken language in the two… read more
Studies of monolingual narrative production have revealed interacting paths in the development of coherence and cohesion across languages but less is known about bilingual narratives, where a gap may exist between socio-cognitive and linguistic abilities. The present longitudinal study explores the… read more
Kupersmitt, Judy and Ruth A. Berman 2001 11. Linguistic features of Spanish-Hebrew children’s narrativesNarrative Development in a Multilingual Context, Verhoeven, Ludo and Sven Strömqvist (eds.), pp. 277 ff. | Chapter