Hannes Scheutz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Hannes Scheutz plays a role.


Bülow, Lars, Hannes Scheutz and Dominik Wallner 2019 Variation and change of plural verbs in Salzburg’s base dialectsMorphological Variation: Theoretical and empirical perspectives, Dammel, Antje and Oliver Schallert (eds.), pp. 95–134 | Chapter
This chapter focuses on variation and change in the inflectional morphology of plural verbs in Salzburg’s dialects over the past hundred years. We conducted a real-time trend survey (combined with an apparent-time study) as well as a real-time panel survey. Our results indicate an ongoing change:… read more
In this contribution, two consecutive sound changes, the Viennese monophthongisation and the E-merger, are investigated. Both sound changes originated in the city dialect of Vienna and spread to other Austrian dialects, including the city dialect of Salzburg. Whereas in the city dialect of Vienna… read more
Scheutz, Hannes 2005 Pivot constructions in spoken GermanSyntax and Lexis in Conversation: Studies on the use of linguistic resources in talk-in-interaction, Hakulinen, Auli and Margret Selting (eds.), pp. 103–128 | Article
Scheutz, Hannes 2001 On causal clause combining: The case of ‘weil’ in spoken GermanStudies in Interactional Linguistics, Selting, Margret and Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (eds.), pp. 111 ff. | Article