Wallis Reid

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wallis Reid plays a role.


Columbia School Linguistics in the 21st Century

Edited by Nancy Stern, Ricardo Otheguy, Wallis Reid and Jaseleen Sackler

Subjects Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Signal, Meaning, and Message: Perspectives on sign-based linguistics

Edited by Wallis Reid, Ricardo Otheguy and Nancy Stern

Subjects Cognition and language | Functional linguistics | Semiotics | Theoretical linguistics


Reid, Wallis 2019 The object of explanation for linguistics: Diver’s radical proposal for the foundations of linguistic theoryColumbia School Linguistics in the 21st Century, Stern, Nancy, Ricardo Otheguy, Wallis Reid and Jaseleen Sackler (eds.), pp. 73–104 | Chapter
What is the ultimate object of explanation in linguistics? What are the pre-analytical observations, the observations against which all theoretical constructs are tested? Columbia School (CS) proposes a radical answer: the observations in linguistics, and hence its ultimate object of explanation,… read more
What is the theoretical justification for positing such constructs as conjugation classes, declension classes, parts of speech, grammatical gender, and agreement rules? This paper argues that no grammatical category or construct should be taken as an a priori given; each must be justified by the… read more
Reid, Wallis 2006 Columbia School and Saussure’s langueAdvances in Functional Linguistics: Columbia School beyond its origins, Davis, Joseph, Radmila J. Gorup and Nancy Stern (eds.), pp. 17–39 | Article
This paper argues that William Diver’s signal-meaning pair is Saussure’s signe linguistique in all basic respects, and that Diver’s innovation of a grammatical system is the functional equivalent of Saussure’s langue. Thus Columbia School linguistics rests squarely on a Saussurean foundation. In… read more
Reid, Wallis 2004 Monosemy, homonymy and polysemyCognitive and Communicative Approaches to Linguistic Analysis, Contini-Morava, Ellen, Robert S. Kirsner and Betsy Rodríguez-Bachiller (eds.), pp. 93–129 | Article