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Edited by C. Jac Conradie, Ronél Johl, Marthinus Beukes, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg

[Iconicity in Language and Literature, 9] 2010. x, 420 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Semiotics | Theoretical linguistics


Conradie, C. Jac 2015 Don’t read too much into the runesIconicity: East meets West, Hiraga, Masako K., William J. Herlofsky, Kazuko Shinohara and Kimi Akita (eds.), pp. 219–238 | Article
Runic inscriptions, particularly those dedicated to the deceased, generally commence with a reference to its initiator and furthermore mentions the (usually highly regarded) rune writer by name, before the person that the monument is dedicated to is even named or related to his/her actions or the… read more
Conradie, C. Jac 2013 Grammar-internal mimicking and analogyIconic Investigations, Elleström, Lars, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 63–82 | Article
Mimicking is a form of imitation according to which a construction or part-construction is inserted in its most typical or recognisable form in a morphological or syntactic context without regard to its proper grammatical integration. The purpose of mimicking rather than adapting a structure is… read more
The prefix ge- has become morphologically much less integrated with the past participle (p.p.) in Afrikaans than in Dutch as a result of across the board regularization of the p.p. in Afrikaans. Other changes relating to ge- include the loss of complementary distribution with prefixes such as be-,… read more
Conradie, C. Jac 2010 From icon to index and back: A 16th century description of a “sea-bishop”Signergy, Conradie, C. Jac, Ronél Johl, Marthinus Beukes, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 211–224 | Article
A fish caught off the coast of Poland in the 15th century with the appearance and mannerisms of a bishop and therefore a possible “sign” given to man by the Creator is interrogated by the bishops and king of Poland and almost incarcerated because of its inability to speak, but finally set free in… read more
Johl, Ronél, C. Jac Conradie and Marthinus Beukes 2010 Introduction: SignergySignergy, Conradie, C. Jac, Ronél Johl, Marthinus Beukes, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 1–20 | Article
Conradie, C. Jac 2005 Review of McCormick (2002): Language in Cape Town’s District SixStudies in Language 29:2, pp. 495–503 | Review article
Conradie, C. Jac 2003 The iconicity of Afrikaans reduplicationFrom Sign to Signing, Müller, Wolfgang G. and Olga Fischer, pp. 203–223 | Article
Conradie, C. Jac 2001 Structural iconicity: The English -S- and OF-genitivesThe Motivated Sign, Fischer, Olga and Max Nänny (eds.), pp. 229–247 | Article