Roelien Bastiaanse

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This chapter reports on a preliminary study examining the production of grammatical evidentiality forms in narrative speech samples elicited from heritage language speakers (HLS) of Turkish. Turkish grammatically marks direct and indirect sources of evidence one has for their statement. We explored… read more | Chapter
Marusch, Tina, Titus von der Malsburg, Roelien Bastiaanse and Frank Burchert 2012 Tense morphology in German agrammatism: The production of regular, irregular and mixed verbsThe Mental Lexicon 7:3, pp. 351–380
This study investigates tense morphology in agrammatic aphasia and the predictions of two accounts on processing of regular and irregular verbs: the Dual Mechanism model, that is, for aphasic data, the Declarative/Procedural model, and the Single Mechanism approach. The production of regular,… read more | Article
Ouden, Dirk-Bart den and Roelien Bastiaanse 2003 Syllable structure at different levels in the speech production process: Evidence from aphasiaThe Phonological Spectrum: Volume II: Suprasegmental structure, Weijer, Jeroen van de, Vincent J. van Heuven and Harry van der Hulst (eds.), pp. 81–107
Bastiaanse, Roelien, Gerard Bol, Sofie van Mol and Shalom Zuckerman 2002 Verb Movement and finiteness in language impairment and language developmentClinical Linguistics: Theory and applications in speech pathology and therapy, Fava, Elisabetta (ed.), pp. 119–130
Linde, Klarien J. van der, Roelien Bastiaanse and D.G. Gilbers 1993 Sonority substitutions in language disordersLinguistics in the Netherlands 1993, Drijkoningen, Frank and Kees Hengeveld (eds.), pp. 81–92