Ellen Contini-Morava

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ellen Contini-Morava plays a role.

Book series


Cognitive and Communicative Approaches to Linguistic Analysis

Edited by Ellen Contini-Morava, Robert S. Kirsner and Betsy Rodríguez-Bachiller

Subjects Cognition and language | Communication Studies | Functional linguistics | Theoretical linguistics

Between Grammar and Lexicon

Edited by Ellen Contini-Morava and Yishai Tobin

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 183] 2000. xxxii, 365 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Syntax


Contini-Morava, Ellen 2023 Chapter 8. Concluding discussionNominal Classification in Asia and Oceania: Functional and diachronic perspectives, Allassonnière-Tang, Marc and Marcin Kilarski (eds.), pp. 226–240
Contini-Morava, Ellen 2006 The difference between zero and nothing: Swahili noun class prefixes 5 and 9/10Advances in Functional Linguistics: Columbia School beyond its origins, Davis, Joseph, Radmila J. Gorup and Nancy Stern (eds.), pp. 211–222
Most Swahili noun class prefixes are overt, e.g. m-toto/wa-toto ‘child/children’. However, for Classes 5 and 9/10 an overt prefix occurs only in certain morphophonemic contexts. Despite superficial similarities, only the Cl. 5 prefix should be analyzed as zero (meaningful absence); Cl. 9/10 nouns… read more | Article
Contini-Morava, Ellen 2002 (What) do noun class markers mean?Signal, Meaning, and Message: Perspectives on sign-based linguistics, Reid, Wallis, Ricardo Otheguy and Nancy Stern (eds.), pp. 3–64
Contini-Morava, Ellen 2000 Noun Class as Number in SwahiliBetween Grammar and Lexicon, Contini-Morava, Ellen and Yishai Tobin (eds.), pp. 3 ff.