Paz González

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Current Visions of TAML2: Tense, Aspect and Modality in Second Languages

Edited by Paz González and Tim Diaubalick

Special issue of Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 8:1 (2019) v, 135 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone World

Edited by Kate Bellamy, Michael W. Child, Paz González, Antje Muntendam and M. Carmen Parafita Couto

Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Rodríguez, Yliana V., Adolfo Elizaincín and Paz González 2023 The Spanish component of Falkland Islands EnglishEnglish World-Wide 44:1, pp. 118–145 | Article
English is the most used language in the Falkland Islands; however, Spanish was also spoken in the 19th century, when beef livestock farming was one of the economic engines of the Islands. Such businesses used to be managed by gauchos from South America, and their presence is still evident in… read more
González, Paz and Martine Bruil 2021 The Ecuadorian Spanish benefactive and its inherent aspect: A reconstructionSpanish in Context 18:3, pp. 459–478 | Article
The Spanish benefactive verbal periphrasis dar ‘give’ + gerund is unique to the Spanish spoken in Ecuador and it seems to have emerged in the historical Ecuadorian context of multilingualism. The analysis presented sheds light to the intricacies of the construction, taking into consideration the… read more
González, Paz and Tim Diaubalick 2019 Task and L1 effects: Dutch students acquiring the Spanish past tensesCurrent Visions of TAML2: Tense, Aspect and Modality in Second Languages, González, Paz and Tim Diaubalick (eds.), pp. 24–40 | Article
Research on tense-aspect phenomena has shown that the type of experimental task can affect the performance of L2 learners. This pilot study on the understudied language combination Dutch-Spanish investigates this issue by focusing on the interaction between known affecting variables (inherent… read more
González, Paz, Tim Diaubalick and Nivja de Jong 2019 Introduction: Current visions of TAML2Current Visions of TAML2: Tense, Aspect and Modality in Second Languages, González, Paz and Tim Diaubalick (eds.), pp. 1–4 | Editorial
Borik, Olga and Paz González 2001 Comparing aspectual systemsLinguistics in the Netherlands 2001, Wouden, Ton van der and Hans Broekhuis (eds.), pp. 13–26 | Article
There has been a long tradition of concern with the "good language learner" in L2 research. One approach to this topic is to compare the performance of experienced language learners with people who have had less experience with languages. The present study provides comparable data for second- and… read more