Max M. Louwerse

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Thematics: Interdisciplinary Studies

Edited by Max M. Louwerse and Willie van Peer

Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Psycholinguistics


Louwerse, Max M. and Oliver Wrede 2013 Introduction: Hot Topics in Information Research and DesignInformation Design Journal 20:3, p.  | Article
Louwerse, Max M. 2011 b. IntroductionInformation Design Journal 19:1, p.  | Subsection
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Louwerse, Max M., Nick Benesh and Bin Zhang 2008 Computationally Discriminating Literary from Non-Literary TextsDirections in Empirical Literary Studies: In honor of Willie van Peer, Zyngier, Sonia, Marisa Bortolussi, Anna Chesnokova and Jan Auracher (eds.), pp. 175–191 | Article
Three computational linguistic methods are presented to discriminate literary from non-literary texts. In the first study, a hierarchical clustering technique of results obtained from Latent Semantic Analysis showed a clustering of literary versus non-literary texts. The second study used the… read more
Crossley, Scott A. and Max M. Louwerse 2007 Multi-dimensional register classification using bigramsInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 12:4, pp. 453–478 | Article
A corpus linguistic analysis investigated register classification using frequency of bigrams in nine spoken and two written corpora. Four dimensions emerged from a factor analysis using bigram frequencies shared across corpora: (1) Scripted vs. Unscripted Discourse, (2) Deliberate vs. Unplanned… read more
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