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Subjects Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


The acquisition of the grammatical knowledge related to inflectional morphology and syntax-pragmatics interface have both been shown to be challenging for heritage speakers (e.g., Montrul et al. 2008; Polinsky 2006, 2008; Sorace et al. 2009; Montrul 2009; Benmamoun et al. 2013a; Laleko & Polinsky… read more | Article
Jiménez-Gaspar, Amelia, Acrisio Pires and Pedro Guijarro-Fuentes 2020 Chapter 8. Transfer and convergence between Catalan and Spanish in a bilingual settingHispanic Contact Linguistics: Theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives, Ortiz López, Luis A., Rosa E. Guzzardo Tamargo and Melvin González-Rivera (eds.), pp. 179–212
We present results from a production study of forty-five bilingual Catalan-Spanish speakers (26 women and 19 men, aged 16 to 65 years old), to determine whether there is transfer or convergence between the two languages in a bilingual setting. The participants are residents of the capital and… read more | Chapter
Pires, Acrisio and Will Nediger 2018 (Hyper)-raising in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish: Interaction between case and agreementComplement Clauses in Portuguese: Syntax and acquisition, Santos, Ana Lúcia and Anabela Gonçalves (eds.), pp. 187–212
Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish allow subject NP-raising from non-finite clauses, but both languages also allow referential subjects in existential clauses with finite complement clauses. The latter have been referred to as hyper-raising in BP (Martins & Nunes, 2009) and further-raising in Spanish… read more | Chapter
Santos, Ana Lúcia, Jason Rothman, Acrisio Pires and Inês Duarte 2013 Early or late acquisition of inflected infinitives in European Portuguese? Evidence from spontaneous production dataGenerative Linguistics and Acquisition: Studies in honor of Nina M. Hyams, Becker, Misha, John Grinstead and Jason Rothman (eds.), pp. 65–88
Building on our previous experimental work examining the acquisition of inflected infinitives in European Portuguese (EP) L1 acquisition (e.g. Pires, Rothman & Santos 2010, 2011; Santos, Duarte, Pires & Rothman 2011), the present study investigates the emergence of inflected infinitives in young EP… read more | Article
Pires, Acrisio and Sarah G. Thomason 2008 How much syntactic reconstruction is possible?Principles of Syntactic Reconstruction, Ferraresi, Gisella and Maria Goldbach (eds.), pp. 27–72
This paper explores ways to synthesize methods from generative linguistics and historical linguistics to develop explanatory criteria that need to be satisfied by different attempts to carry out syntactic reconstruction. It addresses various questions such as (i) the need to define exactly what it… read more | Article