Mitsuhiko Ota

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EUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 4 (2004)

Edited by Susan H. Foster-Cohen, Michael Sharwood Smith, Antonella Sorace and Mitsuhiko Ota

[EUROSLA Yearbook, 4] 2004. iv, 274 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism
Subjects Japanese linguistics | Language acquisition | Phonology | Theoretical linguistics


Ota, Mitsuhiko 2001 Phonological theory and the development of prosodic structure: Evidence from child JapaneseAnnual Review of Language Acquisition: Volume 1 (2001), Santelmann, Lynn, Maaike Verrips and Frank Wijnen (eds.), pp. 65–118 | Article
This article presents a model of prosodic structure development that takes account of the fundamental continuity between child and adult systems, the surface level divergence of child forms from their adult target forms, and the overall developmental paths of prosodic structure. The main empirical… read more