Aidan Doyle

List of John Benjamins publications for which Aidan Doyle plays a role.


Doyle, Aidan 2013 Split intransitivity in Irish and the syntax-semantics interfaceArgument Structure in Flux: The Naples-Capri Papers, Gelderen, Elly van, Jóhanna Barðdal and Michela Cennamo (eds.), pp. 345–372 | Article
This paper considers the notion of split intransitivity as evidenced in the behaviour of perfects in Irish. It is claimed that this language exhibits a distinction between kinds of perfect which roughly corresponds to that between have and be perfects in other languages. However, the choice of… read more
Doyle, Aidan 2002 Yesterday’s affixes as today’s clitics: A case-study in degrammaticalizationNew Reflections on Grammaticalization, Wischer, Ilse and Gabriele Diewald (eds.), pp. 67–81 | Article