Claire Bowern

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Book series


The Diachrony of Complex Predication

Edited by Claire Bowern

Special issue of Diachronica 25:2 (2008) 147 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics

Morphology and Language History: In honour of Harold Koch

Edited by Claire Bowern, Bethwyn Evans and Luisa Miceli

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 298] 2008. x, 364 pp.
Subjects Contact Linguistics | Historical linguistics | Morphology | Theoretical linguistics

Australian Languages: Classification and the comparative method

Edited by Claire Bowern and Harold Koch

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 249] 2004. xii, 377 pp. (incl. CD-Rom)
Subjects Australian languages | Electronic/Multimedia Products | Historical linguistics


Bowern, Claire, William Labov, Sali A. Tagliamonte, Nigel Vincent, Donald A. Ringe, Jr. and Joseph C. Salmons 2023 Diachrony and Diachronica: 40@40Diachronica 40:4, pp. 557–568
Bowern, Claire 2022 Claire’s CornerDiachronica 39:5, pp. 609–612
Bowern, Claire 2021 Claire’s cornerDiachronica 38:4, pp. 503–505
Macklin-Cordes, Jayden L., Claire Bowern and Erich Round 2021 Phylogenetic signal in phonotacticsDiachronica 38:2, pp. 210–258
Phylogenetic methods have broad potential in linguistics beyond tree inference. Here, we show how a phylogenetic approach opens the possibility of gaining historical insights from entirely new kinds of linguistic data – in this instance, statistical phonotactics. We extract phonotactic data from… read more | Article
Bowern, Claire 2020 Claire’s CornerDiachronica 37:4, pp. 447–450
Review article
Bowern, Claire and Laura Kling 2015 Bardi temperature termsThe Linguistics of Temperature, Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria (ed.), pp. 815–831
Bardi is a non-Pama-Nyungan (Nyulnyulan) language from Australia’s north. Bardi’s three temperature terms (moola ‘hot/warm’, inkoorr ‘cold’, and binyj(a) ‘cooled down’) are here discussed and exemplified. We give a survey of the syntactic constructions in which temperature terms appear, and discuss… read more | Article
Koch, Harold, Robert Mailhammer, Robert Blust, Claire Bowern, Don Daniels, Alexandre François, Simon J. Greenhill, Brian D. Joseph, Lawrence A. Reid, Malcolm D. Ross and Paul J. Sidwell 2014 Research priorities in historical-comparative linguistics: A view from Asia, Australia and the PacificDiachronica 31:2, pp. 267–278
Bowern, Claire 2013 Afterword: Jane Hill’s current workThe Persistence of Language: Constructing and confronting the past and present in the voices of Jane H. Hill, Bischoff, Shannon T., Deborah Cole, Amy V. Fountain and Mizuki Miyashita (eds.), pp. 425–430
Here I present a case study of change in the complex verb morphology of the Nyikina language of Northwestern Australia. I describe changes which lead to reanalysis of underlying forms while preserving much of the inherited phonological material. The changes presented here do not fit into previous… read more | Article
Alpher, Barry, Geoffrey O’Grady and Claire Bowern 2008 1. Western Torres Strait language classification and developmentMorphology and Language History: In honour of Harold Koch, Bowern, Claire, Bethwyn Evans and Luisa Miceli (eds.), pp. 15–30
Bowern, Claire 2008 The reconstruction of Nyulnyulan complex predicationThe Diachrony of Complex Predication, Bowern, Claire (ed.), pp. 186–212
The Bardi language of Northwestern Australia exhibits complex interactions between morphology, syntax, and discourse structure. In this paper I examine the interplay between constituent order, the marking of argument functions through verbal agreement, and the role of bound nominal omission. The… read more | Article
Bowern, Claire 2008 The diachrony of complex predicatesThe Diachrony of Complex Predication, Bowern, Claire (ed.), pp. 161–185
While complex predicate constructions, including light verb structures and verb serialisation, are found in many of the world’s languages, there has been little diachronic work on these structures to date. In this paper I survey the state of the field and describe current ideas on the origins and… read more | Article
Bowern, Claire 2008 Syntactic change and syntactic borrowing in generative grammarPrinciples of Syntactic Reconstruction, Ferraresi, Gisella and Maria Goldbach (eds.), pp. 187–216
This paper explores three issues in the reconstruction of syntactic borrowing. First, I discuss the scholarly traditions which have shaped historical phonology and historical syntax. I point out some of the incompatible assumptions which the two fields make, and examine the role of speakers’… read more | Article
Bowern, Claire, Bethwyn Evans, Grace Koch and Luisa Miceli 2008 IntroductionMorphology and Language History: In honour of Harold Koch, Bowern, Claire, Bethwyn Evans and Luisa Miceli (eds.), pp. 1–11
Bowern, Claire and Harold Koch 2004 Introduction: subgrouping methodology in historical linguisticsAustralian Languages: Classification and the comparative method, Bowern, Claire and Harold Koch (eds.), pp. 1 ff.