Mario Squartini

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This chapter will focus on the role of information state as a major factor in the development of modal particles derived from negative minimizers. By capitalizing on previous research on Romance non-canonical negations (see especially Schwenter 2003, 2005, 2006), the analysis will describe the… read more
Squartini, Mario 2010 Mood in ItalianMood in the Languages of Europe, Rothstein, Björn and Rolf Thieroff (eds.), pp. 237–250 | Article
Squartini, Mario 2001 The internal structure of evidentiality in RomanceStudies in Language 25:2, pp. 297–334 | Article
This article discusses the evidential uses of the Future, Conditional and Indicative Imperfect in various Romance languages (mostly French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) and the semantic factors that underlie the choice between them. The Romance data are used as a background for an evaluation of… read more