Nikolaus Ritt

List of John Benjamins publications for which Nikolaus Ritt plays a role.


Ritt, Nikolaus, Andreas Baumann, Eva Zehentner and Alexandra Zöpfl 2020 Reconsidering subjectification from the perspective of animal signallingTracking Language Evolution as an Interdisciplinary, Cross-Theoretical Enterprise, Gaeta, Livio (ed.), pp. 138–152 | Article
This paper discusses the view that subjectifications (i.e. semantic changes through which words come to index speakers’ evaluations or their attitudes towards a proposition) are primarily motivated by speakers’ need for self-expression (Traugott 2010). Approaching the issue from the perspective… read more
Ritt, Nikolaus 2001 Review of Giegerich (1999): Lexical Strata in EnglishStudies in Language 25:2, pp. 367–376 | Review
Ritt, Nikolaus 1990 The Dictionary of Justus Georg Schottelius or ‘generativism’ in a 17th-century grammar?!Meaning and Lexicography, Tomaszczyk, Jerzy and Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (eds.), pp. 57 ff. | Article