Kathleen Ahrens

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kathleen Ahrens plays a role.


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Ahrens, Kathleen and Shu-Ping Gong 2021 Contextual congruency and novel metaphor integrationCognitive Linguistic Studies 8:1, pp. 109–132 | Article
The goal of this paper is to further our understanding of how novel metaphor sentences are processed at a discourse level. Previous studies have focused on contextual issues during the processing of sentences containing conventional metaphors, with the effect of context on sentences with novel… read more
The rising prominence of women in politics has sparked a growing interest in comparing the language of male and female politicians. Many researchers have explored whether gender in politics has had an impact on their metaphor styles. While these studies have been oriented qualitatively and have… read more
While many studies have examined to what extent politicians invoked a particular source domain to advance their ideology, no study to date has focused on the metaphor use of an individual politician across different political roles. This paper fills this gap by analyzing the war metaphors used by… read more
Brosig, Benjamin, Foong Ha Yap and Kathleen Ahrens 2019 Assertion, presumption and presupposition: An account of the erstwhile nominalizer YUM in Khalkha MongolianStudies in Language 43:4, pp. 896–940 | Article
In this paper, we analyze the clitic YUM (< ‘thing’) in Khalkha Mongolian which, in different syntactic contexts, reinforces assertiveness or expresses different shades of presumption or presupposition. The former holds for declaratives where the presence of YUM conveys the speaker’s strong… read more
Ahrens, Kathleen 2011 5. Picturebooks: Where literature appreciation beginsEmergent Literacy: Children's books from 0 to 3, Kümmerling-Meibauer, Bettina (ed.), pp. 77–90 | Article
When selecting books for children age zero to two a natural tendency is to choose naming and/or categorizing books. Other default selections for the very young include nursery rhymes, books based on songs, or counting, color, and alphabet books, as it is easy to evaluate the suitability of such… read more
Ahrens, Kathleen 2010 10. Mapping principles for conceptual metaphorsResearching and Applying Metaphor in the Real World, Low, Graham, Zazie Todd, Alice Deignan and Lynne Cameron (eds.), pp. 185–208 | Article
Issues surrounding novel metaphor comprehension are not well understood. In order to address this problem, this paper proposes the Conceptual Mapping Model, which puts forward the idea that examining the linguistic mappings found in a particular source-target domain pairing allows hypotheses to be… read more