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CLIL and Bilingual Education in the Netherlands

Edited by Tessa Mearns and Rick de Graaff

Special issue of Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 7:2 (2018) vi, 158 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Denman, Jenny, Erik van Schooten and Rick de Graaff 2022 Inclusive CLIL: Pre-vocational pupils’ target language oral proficiency, fluency, and Willingness to Communicate(In)equity Issues in CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Russell Cross (eds.), pp. 321–350 | Article
Bilingual education using a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach seems in many contexts to select or attract the more able and more academically-inclined pupils, or only be available to pupils in higher academic secondary streams. Positive effects of CLIL for target language… read more
Effective readers consciously or unconsciously use reading strategies to help them process information on what they read. All readers can benefit from reading strategy instruction but, empirical research on which strategies are effective is lacking. Less is known about reading strategy… read more
Graaff, Rick de and Oana Costache 2020 Chapter 8. Current developments in bilingual primary education in the NetherlandsChild Bilingualism and Second Language Learning: Multidisciplinary perspectives, Li, Fangfang, Karen E. Pollock and Robbin Gibb (eds.), pp. 137–166 | Chapter
This contribution addresses two studies of the processes and outcomes of English as a foreign language (EFL) in Dutch primary education. Firstly, this article describes a preliminary study of the learning outcomes at the end of primary education, comparing pupils’ language proficiency after… read more
Denman, Jenny, Erik van Schooten and Rick de Graaff 2018 Attitudinal factors and the intention to learn English in pre-vocational secondary bilingual and mainstream education CLIL and Bilingual Education in the Netherlands, Mearns, Tessa and Rick de Graaff (eds.), pp. 203–226 | Article
The effect of bilingual education (BE) on the attitude towards learning English of pupils in the first three years of pre-vocational secondary education in the Netherlands (n = 488) was investigated. Contrary to several other BE/CLIL studies, in the present study pupils choosing for a bilingual… read more
Mearns, Tessa and Rick de Graaff 2018 Bilingual education and CLIL in the Netherlands: The paradigm and the pedagogyCLIL and Bilingual Education in the Netherlands, Mearns, Tessa and Rick de Graaff (eds.), pp. 122–128 | Introduction
The Netherlands is often held up an example of a ‘success story’ in terms of practices and research regarding the teaching and learning of subject content in a second language (de Graaff & van Wilgenburg, 2015; Pérez-Cañado, 2012). Nearly 30 years after its initial beginnings, bilingual… read more
Research has suggested that motivation plays a significant role in language learning but that females tend to be more motivated language learners than males. Content and language integrated learning (CLIL) has been suggested as a means of narrowing this motivational gender gap, although there is… read more
Oattes, Huub, Ron Oostdam, Rick de Graaff, Ruben Fukkink and Arie Wilschut 2018 Content and Language Integrated Learning in Dutch bilingual education: How Dutch history teachers focus on second language teachingCLIL and Bilingual Education in the Netherlands, Mearns, Tessa and Rick de Graaff (eds.), pp. 156–176 | Article
This small-scale observational study explores how Dutch bilingual education history teachers (BHTs) focus on the L2 component in their CLIL-lessons. We observed and rated eight BHTs on five language teaching categories. Results show that Dutch BHTs focus more strongly on using the L2 to teach… read more
Canto, Silvia, Rick de Graaff and Kristi Jauregi 2014 Chapter 7. Collaborative tasks for negotiation of intercultural meaning in virtual worlds and video-web communicationTechnology-mediated TBLT: Researching Technology and Tasks, González-Lloret, Marta and Lourdes Ortega (eds.), pp. 183–212 | Article
In many foreign language education settings, communication tasks in the target language mostly take place between nonnative-speaker classmates sharing the same mother tongue. ‘Networked’ environments such as voice-enabled 3D virtual worlds or video-web communication may have an added value in… read more
The topic of bilingualism in education continues to generate much debate. Issues under discussion include for example how best to support the Dutch language development of multilingual children and how to successfully implement bilingual secondary education and early foreign language instruction.… read more
Moonen, Machteld, Rick de Graaff and Gerard Westhoff 2006 Focused Tasks, Mental Actions and Second Language Learning. Cognitive and Connectionist Accounts of Task EffectivenessTask-Based Language Teaching, Van den Branden, Kris and Machteld Verhelst (eds.), pp. 35–53 | Article
This paper presents a theoretical framework to estimate the effectiveness of second language tasks in which the focus is on the acquisition of new linguistic items, such as vocabulary or grammar, the so-called focused tasks (R. Ellis, 2003). What accounts for the learning impact offocused tasks?… read more
The article reports on an empirical study of the faciltative effect of explicit instruction about language structure on the acquisition of second language (L2) morphosyntax, by means of an experiment in which students learning Spanish were given varying amounts of explanation about the grammatical… read more
Nienhuis, Lydius, Wilma Elsing, Rick de Graaff, Guust Meijers en Mirjam Woutersen 1995 VoorwoordToegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 53, pp. 5–8 | Article
Two CALL programs for Spanish as a second language are reviewed and their practical applications are compared and discussed. Cuanto Antes is a typical drill-and-practice program, designed and edited by an individual teacher for additional practice in the normal language classroom. It aims at… read more