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Edges, Heads, and Projections: Interface properties

Edited by Anna Maria Di Sciullo and Virginia Hill

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 156] 2010. vii, 265 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Hill, Virginia and Alexandru Mardale 2023 The dative/accusative alternations in Old RomanianDifferential Object Marking in Romance: Towards microvariation, Irimia, Monica Alexandrina and Alexandru Mardale (eds.), pp. 232–252 | Chapter
This paper contrasts the dative/accusative alternations in Romance languages with Romanian: In Romance, this alternation mediates the emergence of a DOM particle for direct objects, in addition to the preservation of the same particle with the indirect object (morphological extension). The case… read more
Hill, Virginia 2021 Syntactic patterns for Romanian olfactive verbsThe Linguistics of Olfaction: Typological and Diachronic Approaches to Synchronic Diversity, Jędrzejowski, Łukasz and Przemysław Staniewski (eds.), pp. 343–368 | Chapter
Romanian olfactive verbs generate two readings: One that captures the physical olfactive perception, and one that expresses a cognitive/inferential process. While this is cross-linguistically unsurprising, the Romanian data are informative when it comes to the factors responsible for the two… read more
Alboiu, Gabriela and Virginia Hill 2016 Root gerunds in Old RomanianRomance Linguistics 2013: Selected papers from the 43rd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), New York, 17-19 April, 2013, Tortora, Christina, Marcel den Dikken, Ignacio L. Montoya and Teresa O'Neill (eds.), pp. 1–20 | Article
Gerund verbs generate root clauses in Old Romanian (OR), but not in Modern Romanian (MR). We argue that the root clause phenomenon arises from the presence of a null Assertion Operator in OR, which has been lost in MR. This Operator originates from the mapping of discourse features to syntax, but… read more
Croitor, Blanca and Virginia Hill 2013 Chapter 15. VocativesA Reference Grammar of Romanian: Volume 1: The noun phrase, Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmen and Ion Giurgea (eds.), pp. 801–826 | Article
Hill, Virginia 2013 The emergence of the Romanian supineJournal of Historical Linguistics 3:2, pp. 230–271 | Article
The supine starts to occur in Early Modern Romanian (EMR) by the late 16th century, during the general process of replacement of infinitives in subordinated clauses. The supine replaces the infinitive in non-finite relative clauses. In this article, I argue that EMR, but not other languages (e.g.,… read more
Hill, Virginia 2012 A main clause complementizerMain Clause Phenomena: New Horizons, Aelbrecht, Lobke, Liliane Haegeman and Rachel Nye (eds.), pp. 279–296 | Article
This paper focuses on Romanian main clauses that display the complementizer ‘that’, and may also allow for the re-iteration of this element at the left periphery. The analysis capitalizes on the proposal in current studies that a field for encoding conversational pragmatics is projected at the left… read more
This paper proposes a diachronic syntactic analysis of the Romanian verb putea “can”. It is argued that the grammaticalization of putea consists of several upward reanalyses, and the gradual stripping of semantic features set off its reclassification as control verb > raising verb > auxiliary >… read more
Di Sciullo, Anna Maria and Virginia Hill 2010 IntroductionEdges, Heads, and Projections: Interface properties, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria and Virginia Hill (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Article
Hill, Virginia and Liliane Tasmowski 2008 5. Romanian clitic doubling: A view from pragmatics-semantics and diachronyClitic Doubling in the Balkan Languages, Kallulli, Dalina and Liliane Tasmowski (eds.), pp. 135–163 | Article
This paper argues that an approach to the Romanian C(litic) D(oubling) from a pragmatics-semantics perspective produces a systematic account for three peculiarities of this construction; namely, the obligatory particle pe preceding the D(irect) O(bject) dp, the interaction between this type of… read more
Avram, Larisa and Virginia Hill 2007 An irrealis BE auxiliary in RomanianSplit Auxiliary Systems: A cross-linguistic perspective, Aranovich, Raúl (ed.), pp. 47–64 | Article
Hill, Virginia 2004 On left periphery and focusBalkan Syntax and Semantics, Mišeska Tomić, Olga (ed.), pp. 339–354 | Article