Shaojie Zhang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Shaojie Zhang plays a role.


Zhang, Yanfei, Nina Liang and Shaojie Zhang 2024 Scalar implicature: An encyclopedic semantic approachPragmatics and Society: Online-First Articles | Article
Scalar implicature is a very interesting topic in linguistic pragmatics. This study is intended to argue that, based on the Cognitive Grammar paradigm, scalar implicature is contextually activated by schematic networks. From a hierarchical perspective, those linguistic units sharing the same… read more
Zhang, Yanfei and Shaojie Zhang 2020 A cognitive-pragmatic study of non-scalar implicaturesPragmatics and Society 11:1, pp. 149–163 | Discussion
Whether or not non-entailment relations generate scalar implicatures is a cutting-edge issue in linguistic pragmatics. The present study intends to argue that, based on the Cognitive Grammar paradigm, non-scalar implicatures generated by non-entailment relations are manifested as cognitive… read more
In the Chinese pronominal system, the first-person singular pronoun wǒ is the unmarked or grammatical form of the speaker’s reference to himself/herself, which is deictic in nature. In daily conversation, however, other deictic expressions such as plural first-person and second-person pronouns, and… read more
Zhou, Ling and Shaojie Zhang 2018 Mianzi/lian: Chinese notions of faceHandbook of Pragmatics: 21st Annual Installment, Östman, Jan-Ola and Jef Verschueren (eds.), pp. 141–158 | Chapter