Philip Durkin

List of John Benjamins publications for which Philip Durkin plays a role.


Durkin, Philip and Kathryn Allan 2016 Chapter 4. Borrowing and copy: A philological approach to Early Modern English lexicologyLinguistics and Literary History: In honour of Sylvia Adamson, Auer, Anita, Victorina González-Díaz, Jane Hodson and Violeta Sotirova (eds.), pp. 71–86 | Article
Adamson (1999) demonstrates the importance of “copy” (copia) as a motivation for lexical borrowing in early modern English. Our paper will take this observation as its starting point. Using data from the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary to gain an overview of the available… read more
Durkin, Philip 2013 On the importance of noting uncertainty in etymological research: Some implications of a re-examination of the etymology of roadMeaning in the History of English: Words and texts in context, Jucker, Andreas H., Daniela Landert, Annina Seiler and Nicole Studer-Joho (eds.), pp. 63–80 | Article
The traditional view of the etymology of modern English road is that it shows a semantic development of the reflex of Old English rād, Middle English (southern) rōd, (northern) rād, recorded in senses including ‘action or an act of riding’ (related to Old English rīdan ‘to ride’). The etymology of… read more
Etymology and historical dictionaries have a symbiotic role: etymology has a key structural role in a historical dictionary, and the data of historical dictionaries is crucial for making advances in the study of etymology. This chapter draws illustrative examples from the new edition of the OED… read more
In this chapter I will look at some aspects of the treatment of non-standard and regional varieties in historical dictionaries, especially the OED. I will examine closely the spelling forms found in a series of passages written by non-professional, naïve writers, and the challenges for… read more
This paper examines borrowing into English from Latin and from French during the early modern period (EModE), based on documentation from the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary now in progress (OED3). It looks in particular at dual borrowings from Latin and French, and also at cases of… read more