Erna van Hest

List of John Benjamins publications for which Erna van Hest plays a role.


Hest, Erna van, Nanda Poulisse and Theo Bongaerts 1997 Self-Repair in L1 and L2 Production: an OverviewITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics 117/118, pp. 85–115 | Article
In this article we will give an overview of the findings of L1 and L2 self-repair studies to date. A comparison between L1 and L2 self-repair research shows that, while L1 studies are firmly based in theory, most L2 studies are not. In order to contribute to theories and models of L2 production… read more
Hest, Erna van 1994 Zelf-Reparaties in Eerste- en Tweede-TaalproduktieTaalproduktie, pp. 31–38 | Article
Self-repair behaviour is a recurrent phenomenon in everyday language production. People are constantly monitoring what they are saying, or planning to say, which results in different forms of self-repair behaviour. Self-repair data are relevant for theories of speech production and language… read more