Shigenori Wakabayashi

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Current State of Second Language Studies in Japan

Edited by John Matthews and Shigenori Wakabayashi

Special issue of Journal of Second Language Studies 6:2 (2023) v, 171 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language policy | Language teaching | Multilingualism


Matthews, John and Shigenori Wakabayashi 2023 Current state of second language studies in JapanCurrent State of Second Language Studies in Japan, Matthews, John and Shigenori Wakabayashi (eds.), pp. 207–209 | Introduction
Shibuya, Mayumi and Shigenori Wakabayashi 2008 Why are L2 learners not always sensitive to subject-verb agreement?EUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 8 (2008), Roberts, Leah, Florence Myles and Annabelle David (eds.), pp. 235–258 | Article
This study investigates whether intermediate Japanese learners of English (JLE) show any variability in sensitivity to the overuse of 3rd person singular (3sg) -s and if they do, what the causes may be. The results of the experiment indicate that JLE do exhibit variability: JLE showed sensitivity… read more