William Snyder

List of John Benjamins publications for which William Snyder plays a role.



Borga, Jason and William Snyder 2018 French experiencer verbs and the Universal Freezing HypothesisOn the Acquisition of the Syntax of Romance, Gavarró, Anna (ed.), pp. 7–30 | Chapter
The Universal Freezing Hypothesis (UFH) of Snyder and Hyams (2015) predicts that the developmental time course of English be-passives follows from younger children’s inability to make exceptions to the Freezing Principle, required for smuggling derivations, where mature speakers can. Recent… read more
Snyder, William and Nina Hyams 2015 Minimality effects in children’s passivesStructures, Strategies and Beyond: Studies in honour of Adriana Belletti, Di Domenico, Elisa, Cornelia Hamann and Simona Matteini (eds.), pp. 343–368 | Article
Many studies find true verbal passives in English acquired only after age four, but some find three-year-olds fully adultlike. We explain this discrepancy using Relativized Minimality (RM, Rizzi 2004). Collins (2005a) argues the passive involves movement of the logical object across the logical… read more
Sugisaki, Koji and William Snyder 2013 Children’s Grammatical Conservatism: New evidenceGenerative Linguistics and Acquisition: Studies in honor of Nina M. Hyams, Becker, Misha, John Grinstead and Jason Rothman (eds.), pp. 291–308 | Article
A growing number of studies suggest that children are “grammatically conservative”: At least in their spontaneous speech, children do not begin using a new syntactic structure productively until they have both determined that the structure is permitted in the adult language, and identified the… read more
Pan, Ning and William Snyder 2005 Acquisition of phonological empty categories: A case study of early child DutchUG and External Systems: Language, brain and computation, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria (ed.), pp. 213–222 | Article
Roeper, Thomas and William Snyder 2005 Language learnability and the forms of recursionUG and External Systems: Language, brain and computation, Di Sciullo, Anna Maria (ed.), pp. 155–169 | Article