John C. Trueswell

List of John Benjamins publications for which John C. Trueswell plays a role.


Trueswell, John C. 2008 Using eye movements as a developmental measure within psycholinguisticsDevelopmental Psycholinguistics: On-line methods in children’s language processing, Sekerina, Irina A., Eva M. Fernández and Harald Clahsen (eds.), pp. 73–96 | Article
This chapter describes and evaluates the use of eyetracking methods to study the development of spoken language production and comprehension. The emphasis will be on understanding the chain of inferences, or linking assumptions, researchers commonly make when going from measurements of eye position… read more
Kim, Albert E., Bangalore Srinivas and John C. Trueswell 2002 A computational model of the grammatical aspects of word recognition as supertaggingThe Lexical Basis of Sentence Processing: Formal, computational and experimental issues, Merlo, Paola and Suzanne Stevenson (eds.), pp. 109–135 | Article