David N. Rapp

List of John Benjamins publications for which David N. Rapp plays a role.



Komeda, Hidetsugu, Tomohiro Taira, Kohei Tsunemi, Takashi Kusumi and David N. Rapp 2017 A sixth sense: Narrative experiences of stories with twist endingsScientific Study of Literature 7:2, pp. 203–231 | Article
Stories with twist endings are popular, but little research has examined how readers experience them. To begin developing such an account, we examined the affective responses that emerge during stories with twist endings. In Experiment 1, 28 Japanese participants read a story with a twist ending.… read more
Rapp, David N., Hidetsugu Komeda and Scott R. Hinze 2011 Vivifications of literary investigationThe Future of Scientific Studies in Literature, pp. 123–135 | Article
A rich base of research has investigated the types of responses that literature engenders in readers. In the current contribution, we consider other aspects of the reading experience that have, to date, gone relatively ignored in empirical study. We explore issues including authors’ decisions about… read more