Eugenio Coseriu

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The purpose of this paper was to show that Adam Smith (1729–90) contributed significantly to the development of language typology and, as a corollary, to demonstrate the connection between Smith’s and the German theory. For this purpose, Coseriu analyzed Smith’s ideas on language typology as he… read more
Coseriu, Eugenio 1980 “Sardica ut in Oppidis”Italic and Romance: Linguistic studies in honor of Ernst Pulgram, Izzo, Herbert J. (ed.), pp. 317 ff. | Article
Coseriu, Eugenio 1979 Der Fall Schopenhauer. Ein dunkles Kapitel in der Deutschen SprachphilosophieIntegrale Linguistik: Festschrift für Helmut Gipper, Bülow, Edeltraud und Peter Schmitter (Hrsg.), pp. 13–19 | Article