Yakov Malkiel

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Subjects Historical linguistics | Lexicography | Morphology | Phonology | Romance linguistics
Subjects Historical linguistics | Phonology | Romance linguistics


Malkiel, Yakov 1991 Vowel Gamuts in Romance Derivational SuffixationLanguage Typology 1988: Typological Models in the Service of Reconstruction, Lehmann, Winfred P. and Helen-Jo Jakusz Hewitt (eds.), pp. 39 ff. | Article
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Malkiel, Yakov 1984 Ramón Menéndez Pidal as EtymologistHistoriographia Linguistica 11:1/2, pp. 325–347 | Article
Like most Romance scholars of his generation, Ramón Menéndez Pidal was an accomplished etymologist. In most instances, his etymological verdicts enter into broader historico-grammatical, dialectological, and narrowly philological investigations, from which they can be laboriously distilled.… read more
This brief presentation reconstructed on the basis of a tape recording a quarter-century after the date of its original delivery is hardly more than an informal causerie, which the speaker never expected to see in print some day. However, it represents an interesting document in the history of… read more
SUMMARY For over a century it has been axiomatic with Romance linguists that the formation of rising diphthongs in stressed syllables, at the threshold of the medieval period, was controlled by the given word's environment; by quantity (and, later, by quality) of the accented Latin vowel; and in… read more
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Malkiel, Yakov 1982 Romance and Indo-European Linguistics in ItalyHistoriographia Linguistica 9:3, pp. 471–493 | Article
Whereas in other countries in which historical linguistics struck root in the past century it became customary, particularly after 1870, to cultivate Romance and Indo-European studies as two separate, exacting disciplines which few specialists would want to bridge, Italy – initially under the… read more
Malkiel, Yakov 1980 The fluctuating intensity of a ‘sound law’Papers from the Fourth International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Stanford, March 26–30 1979, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs, Rebecca Labrum and Susan C. Shepherd (eds.), pp. 321–330 | Article
This bio-bibliographical account of Georg Cohn (1866–194?) essays to sketch out the life of a Berlin Privatgelehrter at the end of the 19th and the early period of the 20th century. It characterizes the intellectual milieu of time and place, both inside and outside the vistas of Romance philology… read more
Malkiel, Yakov 1977 On Hierarchizing the Components of Multiple CausationStudies in Language 1:1, pp. 81–107 | Article
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