Wim Zonneveld

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wim Zonneveld plays a role.


Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Zonneveld, Wim 2010 Catching heffalumps: Onset fricatives in child speechThe Linguistics Enterprise: From knowledge of language to knowledge in linguistics, Everaert, Martin B.H., Tom Lentz, Hannah N.M. De Mulder, Øystein Nilsen and Arjen Zondervan (eds.), pp. 345–376 | Article
This paper argues that a seemingly cognitive phenomenon, that of imitation in early child speech (the parroting of a model by the child), when approached in a formal manner, can provide unexpected insight into the nature of the developing grammar. With the help of a large corpus of – in principle –… read more
The voice phenomena of Dutch are among the most complex and elusive described in the (theoretical) literature of the past few decades (Lombardi 1999, Wetzels & Mascaró 2001). This paper starts by giving a comprehensive overview of the pertinent facts, and then shows how theories such as the… read more
Backhuys, Kees-Jan and Wim Zonneveld 1993 Human morphology: The invisible personLinguistics in the Netherlands 1993, Drijkoningen, Frank and Kees Hengeveld (eds.), pp. 13–24 | Article
Zonneveld, Wim 1981 Verbal paradigms in DutchPhonology in the 1980’s, Goyvaerts, Didier L. (ed.), pp. 27–38 | Article