Boyd Davis

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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics

Fillers, Pauses and Placeholders

Edited by Nino Amiridze, Boyd Davis and Margaret Maclagan

[Typological Studies in Language, 93] 2010. vii, 224 pp.
Subjects Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Davis, Boyd, Margaret Maclagan and Meredith Troutman-Jordan 2024 Learning from initial reviews of multilingual graphics illustrating dementia caregivingPragmatics of Active Social Inclusion, Matsumoto, Yoshiko and Heidi E. Hamilton (eds.), pp. 85–103 | Article
This study traces the initial processes in creating and assessing ‘comics,’ or graphic materials of various sorts, which illustrate situations in dementia caregiving. Dementia care materials intended for paid caregivers need to accommodate three related work situations (home care aides,… read more
Davis, Boyd and Margaret Maclagan 2016 Sociolinguistics, language, and agingCognition, Language and Aging, Wright, Heather Harris (ed.), pp. 221–245 | Article
Using a sociopragmatic lens, we highlight recent strands of research focusing on two of the three main areas identified by Hamilton (1999): the use of language for reflecting and creating identities; and how discourse can reflect the norms, values and practices of society. We focus on studies of… read more
Davis, Boyd, Margaret Maclagan and Dena Shenk 2016 The silent violence of marginalization and teasing in dementia care residencesDementia-compromised language conflict and aggression, Davis, Boyd (ed.), pp. 35–61 | Article
Differences in power are frequent in institutional care settings and provide contexts in which conflict can occur. In order to examine the power imbalance between residents and caregivers and the consequent potential for verbal conflict we first discuss the situations in which persons with dementia… read more
Davis, Boyd and Margaret Maclagan 2010 Pauses, fillers, placeholders and formulaicity in Alzheimer’s discourse: Gluing relationships as impairment increasesFillers, Pauses and Placeholders, Amiridze, Nino, Boyd Davis and Margaret Maclagan (eds.), pp. 189–216 | Article
Extracts from the speech of three women with Alzheimer’s Disease are analyzed in order to highlight functions of pauses, fillers, placeholders, and formulaic phrases. Although other features of their speech decline, placeholders, fillers and formulaic sequences are still used appropriately and help… read more
Maclagan, Margaret, Boyd Davis and Ron Lunsford 2008 11. Fixed expressions, extenders and metonymy in the speech of people with Alzheimer's diseasePhraseology: An interdisciplinary perspective, Granger, Sylviane and Fanny Meunier (eds.), pp. 175–187 | Article
In this chapter we demonstrate how fixed expressions, extenders and metonymy help maintain the appearance of competence for speakers with Alzheimer’s disease. We compare impaired and unimpaired speakers from two different countries (the United States of America and New Zealand) to show that… read more
Davis, Boyd 1978 Archibald Henry Sayce (1845–1933)Historiographia Linguistica 5:3, pp. 339–345 | Miscellaneous