Ghelly V. Chernov

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Subjects Balto-Slavic linguistics | Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Interpreting | Psycholinguistics | Translation Studies


Chernov, Ghelly V. 1999 Simultaneous interpretation in Russia: Development of Research and TrainingHistory of Interpreting, Kurz, Ingrid and Margareta Bowen (eds.), pp. 41–54 | Article
Simultaneous conference interpretation was first practiced in Russia towards the end of the 1920s on rather primitive equipment. Research in simultaneous interpretation began in the 1960s and the concepts of the primacy of the sense of the message and the significance of interpreters'… read more
Chernov, Ghelly V. 1994 Message redundancy and message anticipation in simultaneous interpretingBridging the Gap: Empirical research in simultaneous interpretation, Lambert, Sylvie and Barbara Moser-Mercer (eds.), pp. 139 ff. | Article