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English in the Indian Diaspora

Edited by Marianne Hundt and Devyani Sharma

[Varieties of English Around the World, G50] 2014. ix, 244 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This chapter examines the role of acquisitional processes in the emergence of new language varieties, exploring the question in two ways. We first consider how different age groups and generations contribute to the emergence of new multi-ethnolects in Europe and in comparable contemporary… read more
Sharma, Devyani, Erez Levon and Yang Ye 2022 50 years of British accent bias: Stability and lifespan change in attitudes to accentsEnglish World-Wide 43:2, pp. 135–166 | Article
Do accent biases observed half a century ago (Giles 1970) and 15 years ago (Coupland and Bishop 2007) still hold in Britain today? We provide an updated picture of national attitudes to accent labels by replicating and extending previous studies. Mean ratings and relative rankings of 38 accents… read more
Hundt, Marianne and Devyani Sharma 2014 IntroductionEnglish in the Indian Diaspora, Hundt, Marianne and Devyani Sharma (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Article
Sharma, Devyani 2014 Transnational flows, language variation, and ideologyEnglish in the Indian Diaspora, Hundt, Marianne and Devyani Sharma (eds.), pp. 215–242 | Article
Migrant groups maintain ties to their region of origin to different degrees, but this variable factor has not been consistently integrated into sociolinguistic studies of diaspora communities. A balanced consideration of transnational interaction, as well as the social valuation of such ties, is… read more
Sharma, Devyani 2011 Typological diversity in New EnglishesThe Typology of Asian Englishes, Lim, Lisa and Nikolas Gisborne (eds.), pp. 49–74 | Chapter
Sharma, Devyani and Ashwini Deo 2010 Chapter 8. A new methodology for the study of aspect in contact: Past and progressive in Indian EnglishAspect in Grammatical Variation, Walker, James A. (ed.), pp. 111–130 | Article
Sharma, Devyani 2009 Typological diversity in New EnglishesThe Typology of Asian Englishes, Lim, Lisa and Nikolas Gisborne (eds.), pp. 170–195 | Article
Recent research has aimed to integrate the investigation of vernacular universals in native English dialects with variation in postcolonial varieties of English and cross-linguistic typology (Chambers 2004; Kortmann 2004). This article assumes that any search for universals in bilingual varieties… read more
This study confirms the robustness of the finding in the literature on African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and creole English (especially in the Caribbean) that omission of copular and auxiliary be varies systematically according to predicate type. Verbal predicates are associated with the… read more