Parthena Charalampidou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Parthena Charalampidou plays a role.


Non-governmental organisations set different goals than for-profit corporations. However, they need to be advertised in order to keep working. One of the basic means NGOs use in order to attract volunteers and donators is their website. Although the English language is considered as the lingua… read more
Floros, Georgios and Parthena Charalampidou 2019 Website localization: Asymmetries and terminological challengesThe Journal of Internationalization and Localization 6:2, pp. 108–130 | Article
Traditionally, website translation has been considered a process moving from the global to the local, or from the major to the minor, and has largely been termed localization. Yet, the various meanings and interpretations of the term create the need for more specific terms that designate… read more