Cécile Poussard

List of John Benjamins publications for which Cécile Poussard plays a role.


David, Caroline, Laurence Vincent-Durroux, Kerry Mullan, Christine Béal and Cécile Poussard 2023 Temporal reference in oral narratives produced by French learners of English as a second language: The case of ANDReference: From conventions to pragmatics, Gardelle, Laure, Laurence Vincent-Durroux and Hélène Vinckel-Roisin (eds.), pp. 305–322 | Chapter
The differing approaches to expressing temporality across languages lead us to question what difficulties might be experienced by learners of a second language when referring to time. We examine the spoken data of 33 French university learners of English to assess their mastery of the English… read more