Osmer Balam

List of John Benjamins publications for which Osmer Balam plays a role.


Balam, Osmer 2021 Beyond differences and similarities in codeswitching and translanguaging researchCurrent Perspectives on Codeswitching, Vanden Wyngaerd, Emma, Renata Enghels, Mena B. Lafkioui and Marie Steffens (eds.), pp. 76–103 | Article
In previous research, there has been an emphasis on differentiating and distancing translanguaging from codeswitching, partly on the basis that the latter refers to the combination of two discrete systems that correspond to named languages. While this is the mainstream view, there are… read more
The current study investigates DP-internal adjectives in Spanish/English code-switching (CS). Specifically, we analyze two concomitant phenomena that have been previously investigated; namely, the distributional frequency and placement of adjectives in mixed determiner phrases (DPs). A total of… read more
Balam, Osmer and Ana de Prada Pérez 2016 On the productive use of ‘hacer + V’ in Northern Belize bilingual/trilingual codeswitchingSpanish-English Codeswitching in the Caribbean and the US, Guzzardo Tamargo, Rosa E., Catherine M. Mazak and M. Carmen Parafita Couto (eds.), pp. 261–279 | Article
We examine bilingual light verb constructions (BLVCs) in Northern Belize codeswitching by analyzing clause type, syntactic verb type, pronoun type and number of syllables in both switched and non-switched utterances. Results revealed that BLVCs appear in a rich variety of syntactic, lexical and… read more
Balam, Osmer, Ana de Prada Pérez and Dámaris Mayans 2014 A congruence approach to the study of bilingual compound verbs in Northern Belize contact SpanishSpanish in Context 11:2, pp. 243–265 | Article
Attested in a wide variety of contact situations, bilingual compound verbs (BCVs) have baffled linguists, as they are innovative hybrid constructions that appear superfluous. In the current study, we examine BCVs in Northern Belize, where Spanish/English language alternation occurs alongside the… read more